Tuesday, December 13, 2016

mom style remix: blanket scarves

Though it's rarely cold enough to wear blanket scarves in Florida, they're one of my favorite things to wear. I love how they add a little something extra to an otherwise boring outfit and they're easy to throw on and go. So here's a few of my favorite blanket scarf outfits for today's #momstyleremix challenge: scarves.

look #1: almost monochromatic 
scarf: Target (cute alternative)  |  sweater: Loft (exact)  |  shirt: Boden (exact)  |  pants: Loft (exact)  |  shoes: Madewell (similar)  |  bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties (exact)  |  watch: Fossil (exact face with a leather band)  |  earrings: Stella & Dot (similar)

A colorful scarf helps break up and otherwise monochromatic look. I recently found this scarf in Target's dollar spot, so while I couldn't find it online, it might just be available in stores. :)

look #2: red blazer
scarf:  Target (cute alternative)   |  blazer: J. Crew Factory (similar)  |  shirt: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  jeans: American Eagle (exact)  |   boots: Arturo Chiang (exact)  |  earrings:  Stella & Dot (similar)

It actually managed to be cold on Friday, so I threw on this fun blazer, stripe shirt and boots...and a blanket scarf of course!

look #3: polka dotted
scarf: Target (cute alternative)  |  sweater: J. Crew (similar)  |  shirt: Loft (similar)  |  pants: The Limited (exact)  |  shoes: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties (exact)  |  watch: Fossil (exact face with a leather band)  |  earrings: Stella & Dot (similar)

A cold - a quite blustery - day calls for extra layers and a scarf. 

look #4: mustard yellow
scarf: The Boutique at the Island  (similar)  |  sweatshirt: Forever21 (similar)  |  shirt: Boden (exact)  |  jeans: Banana Republic (similar)  |  bag: Coach  |  shoes:  Madewell (cute alternative)  |  watch: Fossil (similar)  |  bracelet: Loft (similar)  |  earrings: Kate Spade (exact)

This look is one of my favorite's from last year's "Six Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf" post. The yellow is so cheerful!

look #5: little black dress
scarf: eBay (practically identical)  |  dress: J. Crew Factory (similar)  |  shoes: Vince Camuto (exact)  |  necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)  |  Fossil (similar)  |  bracelet: Loren Hope (exact)

I wore this outfit just over a year ago, and it's still one of my favorite winter work looks. 

look #6: over the shoulder
scarf: The Boutique at the Island (similar)  |  shirt: Boden (exact)  |  jeans: Banana Republic (similar)  |  shoes: Franco Sarto (similar)  |  bag: Coach  |  watch: Target (similar)  |  earrings: Mariana (similar)

Another throwback to "Six Ways to Way a Blanket Scarf," I like how a pairing of heels and tossing a scarf over your shoulder can elevate an otherwise plain outfit.

look #7: black pencil skirt
scarf:  Target (cute alternative)  |  shirt: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  skirt: J. Crew Factory  |  boots: Arturo Chiang (exact)  |  watch: Fossil (exact face with a leather band)  |  bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties (exact)  |  earrings:  Stella & Dot (similar)

I'm actually wearing this today and made my husband take a few quick snaps so I could include it today's post. Riding boots, a pencil skirt, tee and scarf are one of my favorite winter go-to outfits. 

look #8: pops of pink
scarf: The Boutique at the Island  (similar)  |  blazer: GAP (similar)  |  shirt: Boden (exact)  |  jeans:  Banana Republic (similar)  |   shoes: Old Navy (similar)  |  bag: Lulu*s  |  watch: Target (similar)  |  bracelet: Sage K. and Co (designer original, designer dupe)
A final look at "Six Ways to Way a Blanket Scarf," with a knotted blanket scarf and pops of pink.

Many thanks to Anne and Jenn for hosting #momstyleremix! Hard believe we're already at the final challenge of the series. The almost year along linkup really challenged me to come up with new looks and rethink my wardrobe. So glad I participated; it was fantastic!

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  1. Yes! I got that dollar spot scarf too and I can't believe how great it is. In order to justify the purchase, I decided that a square one totally drapes differently than all my rectangular shaped ones - but it's true! I love the kerchief styling with a square one. And I really love the way you draped in the striped top look. I think that might be my favorite. But then the striped top with blazer is so great!

    1. And so glad you enjoyed the linkup this year - it's been so fun seeing how you've been inspired to come up with different looks...and to be inspired to restyle my own closet based on that :)

    2. I know, I swear it goes with everything and for $7, I can't say I feel guilty about buying yet another scarf. I may have also have picked up the blue and green check version. :)