Sunday, April 30, 2017

thoughts and whatnots 4.30.17

4.30.17 thoughts and whatnots
white denim selfies:  one  |  two  |  three

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  • what I'm watching: I finally got to watch La La Land. Since, I hadn't read anything about it beforehand, I was little surprised by the ending. Definitely bittersweet. 
  • what I'm crushing on: All the mermaid things for little bit's upcoming mermaid birthday party! I just ordered this bubble machine (for her) and this gorgeous mint sequin tablecloth (let's be honest, for me;)). 
  • what I'm looking forward to: While the small one's birthday isn't until the end of next month, I'm really enjoying all the planning and preparing for the upcoming party. This is the first year we're inviting her friends in edition to family, so a room full of 2- and 3-year-olds should make for a lively party.

Friday, April 28, 2017

april budget

april budget

April budget: $180.24
second quarter budget: $600 - $145.24 in April = $419.76 remaining

It's the beginning of a new quarterly budget and I'm happy to say (for at least this month) I'm under budget...which let's be honest doesn't happen all that often. :) In keeping within the theme of last month's budget finds, this month has lots of pink, navy and creams...which I didn't even realize I'd done again until I put this post together. 

I added a few more maternity-friendly items to my closet this month, including two maternity v-neck ruched tees, two oversized maxi dresses (see how I wore the pink one here) and a second pair of maternity pixie pants. For reference, the tees are an XL, the dresses a L and the pixie pants a 16. The dresses might just be my favorite items this month. They aren't maternity, but have so much extra room that there's plenty of room to grow, or if you're not pregnant just to be loose and comfortable. 

Also included in this month's budget is this cream utility blouse that I actually bought in March but forgot to include in last month's budget and a boyfriend cardigan to replace my beloved light tan cardigan I accidentally shrank in the wash. I'm still mourning that cardi. For reference both the shirt and cardigan are XLs.

I apologize for not having many photos of my purchases this month. I haven't been taking many outfit photos lately, mainly because my photographer (husband) has been under the weather and quite honestly a lot of days I just haven't felt like messing with it. That's what pregnancy, a high dose of humidity, and higher than normal temps will do to you. I'm going to do my best to get some more outfit posts out there, because I feel like I've been slacking!

I already have two items that will be on next month's budget - which arrived yesterday, I promptly wore today, but didn't include since I didn't want to completely redo this post - a pair of white maternity jeans - so comfy - and a maternity pintuck stripe popover. (See a sneak peak of them both here.) Looking ahead, I unfortunately am going to have buy a maternity swimsuit, which I lucked out and didn't need my last pregnancy since I was pregnant in the fall/winter/spring last go around. Suggestions on where to find a reasonably priced decent looking suit? Am I the only one that despises swimsuit shopping? 

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

master bedroom inspiration

As I mentioned in Friday's home tour post, the master bedroom has been our low priority room of the house. Now that we've moved into our new home, I definitely want to give this room more love and attention so it can become a space we will truly enjoy.

To give you an idea of what I'm working with, below are two pictures I managed to get of the space before we loaded the room full of furniture. As you can see, with the exception of the ceiling, it's beige, upon beige - which might just be my least favorite color. My favorite part of the room are the the french doors that lead to a screened-in balcony.


The major challenges are to eliminate the beige, replace the carpet (which are old and stink thanks to the previous tenants who smoked off the balcony and quite possibly in the room as well - yuck) and as much as I love the windows, I have a sensitively to light, so pretty curtains that don't distract too much from the architecture of the doors and windows.

The ceiling is probably the most unusual part of the room with the medium wood paneling. I'm torn on the ceiling. It looks really cool, but we really want to replace the carpet with a darker hardwood, and I'm afraid the floors and ceiling will clash. Plus there's a bit of a rustic wood cabin look going on and we live in a Victorian-style home so it almost seems like a design mismatch. I'm intrigued by whitewashed wooden ceilings on pretty... but don't want to potentially ruin our ceiling either. Thoughts?

Since I like to visualize how I want the room to look, so I thought it would be fun to do a master bedroom inspiration board. I'm thinking lots of gray, white and dark woods with pops of teal and silver accents.

master bedroom inspiration:
master bedroom inspiration

bed: Joss & Main 
circle burst mirror: Crate & Barrel
dresserPottery Barn
mirrored jewelry armoire: Pier 1
nightstand: Winsome Wood
curtains: PBteen
lamp: Pier 1
teal and silver sequin pillow: Etsy
silver velvet pillow: Pier 1
pom pom pillow: Though the Country Door
alarm clock: Newgate
candle: Anthropologie

Part of the inspiration was to work with the pieces that we already have - such as nearly identical bedding from Anthropologie, an antique dresser that looks very similar to the Pottery Barn version, similar lamps, the mirrored jewelry armoire, and similar nightstands scored from Target years ago. Mainly because it's expensive to start completely from scratch, but also because I still love all these items and want to continue using them in our new home.

I think the fun pom pom curtains would be a relatively simple DIY, especially since the PBteen version are $81 a panel on sale, but you can get similar white pocket curtains at JCPenny for $20 a panel and gray pom pom trim in bulk from retailers like and Etsy. For the room we have three windows and the french doors, so I'm thinking eight panels total which would be $645 from PBteen - and there's no freaking way I'm spending that much on curtains - or $160 for the JCPenny curtains + three 20 yard rolls of pom pom fringe for $90 = $250 for the DIY version.

The first steps are paint and flooring...I'll be sure to post progress photos along the way. But first we have to paint the first floor before the kiddo's birthday party since daddy filled-in all the nail holes and now all the walls are covered in white spots. And there were A LOT of nail holes. I'm not sure what exactly was hung on the walls, but there was a lot of it. We have beige walls with leprosy spots. :/

Monday, April 24, 2017

monday musings: week 16

Welcome to Monday Musings. Each Monday I share a different "get to know me" style Q&A. I invite you to join in the comments so I can get to know you as well!

Q: Scary movies or happy endings?

favorite movies

A: Happy endings. Always. I tend to prefer romcoms and Disney movies, since I'm pretty much a big sap. Some of my favorites are: When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle, Tangled, Sabrina, The Princess Bride, The Wedding Singer, The Holiday, Definitely, Maybe and - this is cheating a bit because it's a mini-series - the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. They aren't the most intellectual movies, but I still love them.

I hate scary movies (as much as my husband loves them), but, hey, those suckers give me nightmares. I know I'm a wuss, so I agree to be tortured once a year at Halloween when my husband picks out one scary movie - but not too scary! - to watch. Oh, the things we do for love...:)

What about you? Happy endings or scary movies? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

thoughts and whatnots 4.23.17

4.23.17 thoughts and whatnots
gray stripe cardigan: one  |  two  |  three

blog love:
  • After a few bumps and heartbreak, my sister and brother-in-law adopted sweet baby Thatcher one month ago. You can read about their journey here
  • I always love reading about how people started their blogs as well as how they've evolved. I've been reading Merrick's blog for years now, so I especially enjoyed her story on how she started blogging
  • Kendi seriously has the best maternity style! #goals

on teal and polka dots:

favorite sales:

  • what I'm watching: I've been falling asleep too early most nights to watch anything, but I am anxiously awaiting for LaLa Land to come out on Bluray Tuesday since I missed getting to see it in the theater...
  • what I'm crushing on: A had a couple of a different diaper bags with Aubrey, but I wasn't really happy with them, so I'm interested in getting a bag from Lily Jade for the coming baby (my favorite being the Madeline in camel and jade). I've heard really good things about their diaper bags, but they come with a hefty price point for a bag you're not going to use forever. Have any of you used Lily Jade and what's your take on them? Are they worth the money? 
  • what I'm looking forward to: Getting my hair done this coming Saturday. it's been driving me bonkers lately since my bangs are in that awkward grow out stage. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

home tour: bedrooms

Today's home tour includes my daughter's and the master's bedrooms. *Spoiler alert* the kiddo's room is my favorite. Though we sold our home two weeks ago, I thought it would still be fun to continue giving a glimpse of the place we called home for the last eight years, especially since our new home won't be show ready anytime in the near future. :)


Our daughter's room was definitely a labor of love. My husband and I had so much fun putting this room together from the silver dot decals, the the hand painted curtains and the DIY artwork.

My favorite piece of the room are the picture rails, which perfectly displayed the kiddo's storybooks. I was sad to leave them behind when we moved, but I guess that just means we need to make a trip to Ikea in the near future (or order some more).

balloon mobile
I had a hard time deciding on a mobile until I stumbled across this cute tin balloon one from Amazon. I just love all the bright, fun colors.

climb every mountain Another DIY was this print I designed in InDesign and put in a frame from Ikea. I managed to find the original design in my files, if you want to download and print it!


shop the room:
wall colorGentle Rain by Behr  |  crib: Target (exact in walnut)  |  glider: Babies R Us (similar)  |  rug: Target (exact)  |  pink dotted chair: Target (cute alternative)  |  book shelves: Ikea (exact)  |  nightstand: Target (exact)  |  lamp: HomeGoods (very similar)  |  curtains: Ikea/paint DIY (exact unpainted)  |  giraffe painting: an Erin original :) (similar)  |  balloon mobile: Amazon (exact) |  aqua chevron throw: Target (exact)  |  chevron pillow: Hobby Lobby (similar)  |  stuffed Winne the Pooh: TJMaxx  (very similar) |  Aubrey bunting: gift from my sister  |  silver wall dots: Urban Walls (exact)

Now that you've seen the best of the rooms, let's move on the master bedroom.

photo by: Chrstina Shults Photography

Sadly, our bedroom was one of the those rooms that didn't see a lot of love, and always managed to be last on our to-do list. Confession: We didn't even manage to paint over the builder's grade cream walls until we decided to sell. Shameful. After we fixed the room up, we really appreciated having a soothing, relaxing space, so we've promised ourselves we will give our new master bedroom the same care and attention as the rest of the house!

As I'm looking through these photos, there's a few odds and ends that should have been tucked away from photos (stray water bottle I'm looking at you) but oh, well, it's not perfect, but trust me it's a major improvement over how it looked originally. 

bed and lamp
In an attempt to corral the mess, I packed up all my books for storage and bought these baskets as a way to hide clutter. These are from Marshalls, but here's a cute Target alternative.

jewelry armore
One of my favorite pieces in the room is this fabulously girly mirrored jewelry chest from Pier 1. A fun gold accent bowl, silver jewelry case and gold glittery candle finished off my very girly corner of the room. :)

photo by: Chrstina Shults Photography

shop the room:
wall colorGentle Rain by Behr  |  large bookcase: Target (exact)  |  narrow bookcase: Target (exact)  |   storage bench: Ikea  |  nightstands: Target (nice alternative)  |  mirrored jewelry chest: Pier1 (exact)  |  lamps: Pier 1 (similar)  |  curtains: Marshalls (similar)  |  comforter: Anthropologie (very similar)  |  gray throw: Target (exact)  |  sheets: Target (very similar)  |  wicker baskets: Marshalls (cute alternative)

For more home tours, check out the curb appeal and living room posts.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

rockin the mumu

pink oversized maxi, gray stripe cardigan 7

Ya'll - my pregnant self is seriously in love with dress. My husband calls is a mumu - with a tinge of disgust in his voice - but I call it fabulously comfortable. I picked up this dress, as well as her sister in navy, while on sale through, but you can buy the dress for full-price here. You can't really tell in these pictures, but the dress has full short-sleeves which are going to make it perfect for the Florida summer without a cardigan or jacket. It runs super large, mine's a L which fits sizes 12-16 and I'm a solid 16 and there still plenty of room for the growing belly.

So the husband may hate it, but sometimes you got to rock the mumu anyway whether the boys like it or not. :) 'Cause, seriously, I've been wearing it and the navy version pretty much non-stop since they arrived in the mail last week - though that might have something to do with still needing to unpack my clothes - still if these dresses pop up on sale again, the burgundy and nile blue colors may have to become color for every day or the week? Kidding, sort of...

pink oversized maxi, gray stripe cardigan 5
dress: Liam's Loft via (exact in 10 colors)  |  cardigan: J. Crew (similar)  |  sandals: Loft (very similar)  |  clutch: Stella & Dot (exact)  |  necklace: Kendra Scott (same style in other colors)  |  earrings: Fossil (similar)  |  watch: Fossil (similar)  |  bracelet: Kendra Scott (similar)

Some other (non-boutique) cute pink maxi dress options:

pink oversized maxi, gray stripe cardigan 6 pink oversized maxi, gray stripe cardigan 3 pink oversized maxi, gray stripe cardigan 2 pink oversized maxi, gray stripe cardigan 1 pink oversized maxi, gray stripe cardigan 4

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