Friday, February 24, 2017


when: Wednesday  |  where: work  |  weather: 74 and morning rain

First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you who left such sweet and inspiring comments on Wednesday's post. You ladies are seriously awesome. All that flattery is going to go to my head- kidding- but it's so nice to know that what I'm putting out there is wanted. I started this blog for myself, but it's really the community of women that have kept me going with it. So seriously, sincerely thank you

Now, on to the outfit at hand. Two days of rain in a row meant another opportunity to wear my Hunter rain boots - plus pants that feel like comfy leggings and a cozy cardigan were perfect for the rainy weather. If I could have stayed home all day curled up with a book, I would have, but instead I settled for work and a lunch date with my husband to indulge in delicious Chinese food. Egg drop soup is my jam people. Yum. Something about rain and soup just makes sense together. So all in all a good day, and a good outfit. That's a win in my book. :)

cardigan: Loft (exactfun alternative)  |  shirt: Loft (exact - on sale!)  |  pants: J. Crew (exact)  |  boots: Hunter (exact)  |  bag: Kate Spade (very similar)  |  earrings: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)  |  bracelet: J. Crew (similar)  |  watch: Fossil (similar)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


when: yesterday  |  where: work  |  weather: 70 and rainy

This post has been on my heart for a while now. You see, I've been a hypocrite. The whole point of this space has been to celebrate your shape, but I've been doing one heck of a poor job of it lately. When I lost weight last year it was so easy to be happy with my looks, happy with how I was presenting myself and happy telling others to be happy with themselves. (Whew, that's a lot of happy!) But, as I'm sure you've noticed in recent photos, I've gained the weight back. Lately it's been so hard to look at myself and like what I see. I find myself criticizing my reflection, hating the way I look in photos. In fact, I almost didn't post today's set because I didn't like what I saw, and was embarrassed to show you all what I look like now. But then I had a light bulb moment - wasn't that the whole reason I originally started blogging? To learn how to dress and be confident in myself, no matter what size? So, okay, I look different than I did last year, and I can't say I'm pleased with the weight gain, but it's time to remember/relearn to be happy in my own skin.

I could throw the blame around all day long as to why I've gained weight - months of stress at work, trying to sell our house, poor eating habits, just struggling with work/life balance and forgetting the importance or self care. But at the end of the day, it doesn't change any thing.

I've decided to say screw it, I'm going to do my best to look good anyway. I refuse to wallow in my self-imposed misery any longer. This is the current, curvier me. :)

dress: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  cardigan: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  boots: hunter (exact)  |  necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)  |  earrings: Stella and Dot (similar)  |  watch: Fossil (similar)  |  bracelet: Bourbon and Boweties (exact)

So to everyone who takes the time to visit, comment and read this space, I feel like I owe you a great big apology. I promise to be more authentic, posting pictures of the current me in all my curvy glory. I promise to be kinder to myself as I work toward a healthier lifestyle and go back to the roots of this blog: love the body you have through thick and thin. :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

bit o' green

when: early November?!?  |  where: work  |  weather: 78 and partly cloudy

Now that Valentine's Day is over, it seems like everything is throwing up Easter. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Easter, but I can't say I'm ready to think about it in February. During my lunch break I walked into Target and saw all the pastel goodness and thought - what happened to St. Patrick's Day? Granted it's forever away as well - at least a month, right? - but it it's like it's been glossed over for the bigger holiday money-maker. I can't decide if I'm just more aware of it, but it seems like retailers are pushing the big holidays earlier and earlier each year. Like Hobby Lobby putting out all their Christmas in July. So, Easter in February, why not I guess?

Oh, well. Today I'm showing my green J. Crew Factory skirt, not in honor of St. Patrick's Day since these photos are actually from early November (originally used as part of a Mom Style Remix post). But between working full-time, all the running around trying to prepare the house to sell, the kiddo's rounds of the winter crud, and a bad case of the outfit blahs, I haven't really had the time or inclination to take outfit photos lately. But I've promised myself the camera is coming out tomorrow, so I'll do my best to whip up a decent, blog-worthy outfit!

cardigan: J. Crew Factory (exact in other colors)  |  shirt: GAP (similar)  |  skirt: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  shoes: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  bag: Stella & Dot (neutral chevron version)  |  necklace: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  watch: Fossil (exact face with a leather band)  |  bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties (exact pearl) and Loft (similar cuff)  |  earrings: J. Crew Factory (exact)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

valentine's hues

Since I've been woefully bad about taking outfit photos lately, I thought I'd look back at some of my favorite pink, red and purple-hued looks for today's Valentine's inspired outfit post.

pretty in pink:  one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  | six

red hot:  one  |  two  |  three

pleasingly purple:  one  |  two  |  three

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I ♥ you all!

Monday, February 13, 2017

monday musings: week 5 & 6

With all the busyness of going to Nashville and preparing our house to sell, I completely forgot about last week's Monday Musings, so I'm going to do a bit of catch up with two questions for this week. :) For those of you how are new to this space, Monday Musing is a "get to know" style Q&A. I invite you to join, in since half the fun is learning more about you as well!

Q1: Are you a coffee drinker and how do you take your coffee?

A: I used to not be much of a coffee drinker, but after having a kiddo, it's turned into the sweet life-giving nectar of the gods. I take mine with two sugars and cream and in the summer I prefer it iced. YUM.

Q2: Do you celebrate Valentine's Day and what's one of your favorite V-day traditions?

A: I can't say I'm really all that big into Valentine's Day. I'm usually either out of town, or working, but my husband and I usually exchange cards and a small gift. My husband is a huge fan of dark chocolate gelato, so this year I plan on picking up a pint as well this cute ice cream set for two. A little girly, but so cute! I don't know if it's really a tradition, but I've so enjoyed making Aubrey's Valentine's for the past two years. Last year like a crazy person I handmade all of them. This year, I used store bought for the kids and personalized the teachers gifts with this teal mailboxes from Target's dollar spot.

It's your turn! What's your perfect cup of coffee and one of your favorite Valentine's traditions? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, February 6, 2017

winter conference packing list

Out of town work trips can present a bit of a challenge since a mix of business wear (for conferences) and casual outfits (for the long car ride and after-hour functions) is required. While my Nashville work conference ins only four days, the fluctuating weather and variety of aforementioned outfit requirements means I needed to pack a simply as possible to be able to fit everything into a small rolling suitcase

stripe belted cardigan (exact)  |  tan boyfriend cardigan (exact)  |  tipped blazer (almost identical)  |  skinny jeans (exact)  |  navy dress pants (exact)  |  crossover bag (exact)  |  lace top (exact)  |  stripe top (exact)  |  green pullover (exact)  |  stripe dress (exact)  |  dotted scarf (similar)  |  tassel necklace: (exact)  |  blue ruffle popover (exact)  |  bow flats (exact)  |  teal flats (similar)
Just like last year's list, I have 10 items (not including accessories) to mix and match. Below are seven outfit combinations, but I could easily see adding a few more - like the lace top with the tan cardigan and jeans or the green sweater over blue ruffle popover paired with dress pants - as alternative looks. Or -inspired by this look from J. Crew Factory - the blue ruffled popover under the stripe dress. Because, I know myself, and sometimes I like to mix things up from what I've originally planned. :)

Since it's supposed to rain pretty much the whole time we're there, I added my favorite polka dot umbrella to stay dry and my new funnel coat to stay toasty warm at night.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

thoughts and whatnots 2.5.17

all about those stripes:  one  |  two  |  three

blog love:

on teal and polka dots:
  • on the blog: I was so honored to co-host February Currently
  • on instagram: Warm temps have got me feeling all springy
  • coming up on the blog: Tomorrow I'm sharing my winter conference packing list. Can't wait? Check out last year's list here.

favorite sales:

  • what I'm doing: Packing. cleaning. painting. repeat. It's been a challenge trying to get the house ready to sale, but I know it'll be so worth it to spruce the old gal up before putting her on the market. Got to have her showing at her very best. :)
  • what I'm reading: I've been too busy to read much of anything at the moment, unless blogs count...
  • what I'm watching: My kiddo has discovered Sarah and Duck on Netflix, so I've been kinda of listening to it in the background while trying to work on the house.
  • what I'm crushing on: Oh my goodness, while I was in Michigan I discovered the most gorgeous navy blue velvet chair at Marshalls, and if I wasn't flying and could have figure out some way to haul it back to Florida, I would have. But since I can't have that one, here a few other options I'm loving: this pricey - but swoon-worthy - accent chair, this modern arm chair that comes in a bunch of color options including navy, and this similar to my original crush tufted back armchair.
  • what I'm looking forward to: As you're reading this I'll be on my way for Nashville, whoot whoot! Sadly, I won't get to experience too much of the city since I'll be there for a work conference, but any excuse that gets me back to my home state makes me a happy girl.